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Kev F Sutherland

Comic writer and artist Kev F Sutherland's work has appeared everywhere from Beano to Marvel (and most points inbetween). 

He began his career working on the kids comic Oink! and with strips in Viz. He was a leading light of the 90s humour comics scene, working for Gas, The Damage, Zit, Blag and others, and creating and editing UT and Bloody Hell. He devised and drew The Gladiators TV spin off comic, then worked on such titles as Red Dwarf Smegazine and Zig & Zag's Zogazine.

For Marvel he worked as an artist on Doctor Strange, Star Trek, Ghost Rider 2099, and Apocalypse 2099, and wrote Werewolf By Night. From 1999 - 2004 he was the producer of the UK's Comic Festival in Bristol.

Since 2003 he has been a regular contributor, both writing and drawing, for Beano comic and the Beano and Dandy annuals, and has adapted a series of stories for Bible Society.

His debut graphic novels, Findlay Macbeth, The Prince Of Denmark Street, and The Midsummer Night's Dream Team were published in 2020.

Kev F is the brains, and fingers, behind the hit comedy act The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre.


His COMIC ART MASTERCLASSES in schools and colleges, have proved ridiculously popular, and now, thanks to lockdown, are available via Zoom.


Kev F is a respected comics expert, appearing regularly on TV and radio (recently on Sky Arts' Portrait Artist Of The Year and BBC 4's Battle Of The Books), and in his own ITV1 comedy show The Sitcom Trials.

Kev F's Comic Art Masterclasses have been run successfully with pupils and students age 7 to 70.


The classes aim to educate and enthuse pupils in comic and cartoon art, teaching them all techniques and tricks of the trade, presented at a level suitable for each age of pupil. By the end of every session we aim to have created a brand new School Comic and to have drawn an individual caricature of every pupil.


Kev's classroom style is entertaining as well as educational, drawing on his skills as a stand up comedian. One day of comic art masterclasses (ideally 2 sessions per day, classes no bigger than 30) can be arranged for little more than the price of a supply teacher. The only materials required are a flipchart and marker pens, access to a photocopier, and drawing paper and materials for the pupils. See below for Recommendations.


Contact Kev Sutherland on 07931 810858 Join my free mailing list here. 

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